Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 111: Plaguecast

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in review, shout outs, questions and answers

07:18. Weelchair Friendly RPG Trailer (gofundme)

08:03. Andy's Extra Life 2015 campaign page (extra-life)

10:00. Tell Your Children (kickstarter)

11:06. &@ - 'The Mayor' Lord High Everything Else' (3 of 3) (YouTube)
+ &@ - 'The Mayor: Preable' (1 of 3) (YouTube)
+ &@ - 'The Mayor: $!' (2 of 3) (YouTube)

12:06 Weeks in Review 

+ Super Mario Maker (Nintendo)
To Kill a Mockingbird (Harlequin Productions)
+ SEA vs STL (NFL).
+ Michael Welch and Kellita Smith on Filming 'Z Nation' in Washington (KTLA)
+ The Bastard Executioner (IMDB)+ Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Season 3 (IMDB)
+ Why Charlie Hunnam couldn't make it to Comic-Con (Sons of Anarchy) (YouTube)
+ Sons of Anarchy Ryan Hurst shaves his beard (YouTube)
+ Kairos Productions (kairosfilm)
+ D.B. Cooper (Wikipedia)
+ Congrats Bryan Bender! (Facebook)

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34:32. Mike Ott.  Do either of you own an immune system at all? Just wondering! Also, moar bard stuffs... plzthxkbye!

35:55. Paula Moran. What is the strangest thing friends talked you into doing that you actually ended up enjoying?
+ Index, WA (Wiki)
+ Kingdom of An Tir (

40:32. Rob MacLennan. Jeez, so where are all of the questions this week? So with "Strowlers" beginning production (or at least pilot), is there a particular genre that you would like to see represented?
+ Strowlers (Facebook)
+ The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (IMDB)

43:22. Rob MacLennan. So now that the "Natural 20" cat is out of the bag, can we expect to see Canadian 'black ice' in a hack? You know; the kind that pulls your virtual hockey jersey over your head before giving you a cyber-pummelling?
+ Natural 20 (Facebook)

45:53. @ThomasABrophy. Hey BardStars, if you were cast in a David Lynch project, what type of character would you want to play? #twobardspodcast
+ Twin Peaks (IMDB)

48:55. James Roy Peters. Are there any snacks you want from Japan that you cannot get in Seattle?

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