Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 108: Chifferobe

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description:Weeks in Review, Amazon, A Fictitious Story, Questions and Answers

0:30. Weeks in Review 
+ Andy Talked to Damon Vanhee
Pertussis (cdc)
To Kill a Mockingbird (Harlequin Productions): Aug 20-Sep 12
+ Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Way (NYTimes)
+ To Kill A Mockingbird's original reception (wikipedia)
+ Chifforobe (wikipedia)
+ Photos from Harlequin Productions for To Kill A Mockingbird (facebook)
+ ST:TNG - Remastered Blu-Ray (Amazon) also on Netflix
+ Camp Ambercorn World Premier in New York! (Gray Oak Productions)

30:28. A fictional story

35:58. Andy's Week
+ Starr Mazer Concert at PAX East (facebook)
+ Stock Market dive (CNN)
+ MoVi Stabilizers (freefly)

+ To submit via Twitter: tag @TwoBards with the hashtag #TwoBardsPodcast
+ To submit via Facebook: post directly on the Two Bards Productions page.

56:05. Paula Moran. What is the most interesting on set fix for something that was missing or went wrong?

+ C-Stand (wiki) 

59:44. Rob MacLennan.
(Inspired by my weekend of motorcycle racing photography) Is there anything EXTREME!!!* that you would like to do? That's on your bucket list? (*Because you know that extreme needs caps and at least three exclamation marks, but should never be spelt without the "E")

1:03:12. Mike Ott.
1) update us on the retron 5 cause I want one but only if it is worth it...
+ Retron 5 (Hyperkin)
2) the babadook is your favorite film? blech.... couldn't stand the ending...
+ The Babadook (IMDB)
3) Miss you guys, when are you coming to Wisconsin because I am apparently never leaving this state.... ever....

1:08:00. Rob MacLennan. Sooooooo........ "Natural 20"? It should be about the time we were supposed to hear about that.
+ Natural20 (Facebook)

1:08: 40. Douggie Sharp. If you have anything in the works, would be a good publicity option
+ SPLOID (gizmodo)

1:10:52. Paula Moran. Happy Birthday Abi! In response to your comment on horror movies, you may want to check out Until Dawn. It's going to be a game/playable slasher movie with butterfly effect decision mechanics. You can make all the decisions you think the characters should make.
+ Until Dawn (playstation)

1:11:30 Matthew Hunt. Do you want some double-coat TimTams? We like giving our favorite authors/entertainers stuff :D

1:14:03. The Farquhar. Just listening to the older episodes 1 and up. Can you tell me is the Glass Cannons project up and running and if so where? Also, what about the project with both you and Christian Doyle living in an apartment.

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+ Ex Machina (IMDB):
+ The Last Question by Isaac Asimov (Audio via YouTube | PDF)

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