Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 102: My bardfriend's back, and there's gonna be ... trouble

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, Catching up, Hawke's RPG Research corrections, Questions and Answers

Corrections re: Hawke Robinson: Website | GoFundMe
+ 10 Little LARPers (Facebook)

19:23. Rival Guy's gift
+ Tim Tam (wikipedia)
27:47. Laura Adams. I hate to break the news to you. Zombie donuts in Spokane is no more.

28:50. Tim Martin. Read the full statement/question
+ Fallout 4 (web)
+ Bethesda Game Studios (wiki)

34:16. Tim Martin. With Windows 10, what do you see as viable application to take the place of WMC for playback and streaming (audio and video)?
+ Plex Media Server (web)
+ VLC Player (web)
+ Best NAS of 2015 (cnet)

41:27. Tim Martin. What's with the Spokane bashing in #100? I know where both of you live and I *know things". See if I cook you dinner again twathats...
+ Steve Guttenburg (IMDB) 

44:15. Rob MacLennan. Rachel Dolezal; narcissistic opportunist, a case of Confabulation Disorder, or "just another Tacoma [correction -- Spokane] thing"?
+ Rachel Dolezal (wiki) 

48:36. Paula Moran. Are you excited for any of the new games announced at E3 and what video games are you currently playing, if any?
+ Sea of Thieves (web)
+ Fallout 4 (web)
+ Hyrule Warriors (web)
+ Xbox One backwards compatible (Xbox)

54:26. Seth Davis. Felt audacious enough to share this Two Bards, One Mic sketch that I found while going through my digital archives this weekend.

51:35. Rob MacLennan. Got anything non-spoilerish that you're allowed to share from the Dorkness shoot yesterday?

55:52. Paula Moran. What were your reactions the first time you ever went to a GenCon?
+ Attacking the Darkness - World Premier (GenCon, may need to log in to see)
[ENT1575537 | Thursday @ 8:00pm | Westin: Grant Ballroom V | $8.00]

58:14. Rob MacLennan. If you could wear any sort of clothing at all, without social repercussions, what would it be?

1:00:05. Sarah Moore. Hey friends, Indigo, is making her first short film and we just launched a fundraising campaign, would you be willing to mention it on the next Two Bards episode?
+ Gamer Chick (IMDB)
+ Sarah Moore (IMDB)
+ Jeff Moore (IMDB)
+ Top Billing, The Movie Making Card Game (DriveThruCards)
+ The Mermaid Rescue, a 9-year-old's first film (IndieGoGo)

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