Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 100: Jurassic Bards: Becerratops

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Knives/Switchblades, Cary Elwes, 3D Jurassic World, Kubota Gardens, Tony Becerra's take on Seattle Film, Common Core and Schools, Spokane Films, Questions and Answers

Guest: Tony Becerra
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+ Wait Until Dark (wiki)
+ A Bit of Bad Luck (IMDB)
+ Cary Elwes (IMDB)
+ Jurassic World (IMDB)

16:35 Paula Moran's question revisited.
+ Kubota Gardens (web)
+ ZOECon1 Hotel (web)

26:12. Tony Becerra's take on Seattle Film.
+ NFL Ticket Exchange Commercial w/Scott C. Brown (
+ Asombroso Tequila (web)

1:13:16. Common Core and Schools
+ Tom Lehrer - New Math (youtube)

1:24:00 More on film rants.
Tony's nemisis is Zoe Adastra (LMG's gratuitous fanfic link)
+ Rude Mechanical (YouTube)

1:32:00 Donald Evans.  Was Uwe Bol's rant about Christian Doyle and ZOE?
+ Uwe Boll has meltdown following failed kickstarter (IGN)

1:35:30 Rob MacLennan. How do you feel about the Erik Chevalier issue?
+ F.T.C. Reaches Settlement in a Kickstarter Scheme (NYTimes)

1:41:18 Paula Moran. Have you seen the new Jurassic World movie and what are your thoughts on it or the trailers if you haven't seen it?

1:46:32 Thomas Brophy. Congrats on the centennial show. What have been some of your best memories from the first 99?

1:55:15 Rob MacLennan. Where hobbies are concerned, if any, what is your preference; mentally intensive or physically/labour intensive?

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