Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 98: Waiting Is The Bardest Part

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, SIFF, Friends Join Us

+ Silicon Valley (IMDB) 
+ Halt and Catch Fire (IMDB)

6:02. Weeks in Review
+ Scott's Headshot (Facebook)
+ Puts the "M" in Boron (Facebook)
+ Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)
+ West of Redemption (IMDB)
+ The Hollow One (IMDB)
+ Worst Laid Plans (IMDB)
+ GenCon
+ The Gamers: Dorkness Rising Definitive Blu-Ray Edition (Kickstarter)
+ Anime Oasis (web)
+ Kung Fury (web)
+ Clinically Inane (web)

45:30. Rob MacLennan. No Bardcast for this week, but for next week how about a little game of make your own anti-hero? Name the genre, abilities, and personality traits. 

Guests: Brian Lewis and Tiffani Pike Schmidt join in.

53:15. Paula Moran. What are some of the best and worst last minute projects you've worked on? 

59:20. Chad Jones. Beau turned me onto this podcast. I'm listening to #96 and just running around my house yelling "HALLELOO!" over and over again. You can't hear me, so have this post. 

1:03:05. Rob MacLennan. As I rewatch episodes of "Captain Scarlet" I realize that the '60s were pretty weird when it came to children's programming, at least in any country remotely related to The Empire. Do you have a favourite "Supermarionation" show, or is that even a thing for you? If the Supermarionation thing doesn't work (neither of you are old enough to have seen the originals in first run), then maybe we could just expand it to just any Gerry and Sylvia Anderson properties? 

1:08:48. Rob MacLennan. I usually limit myself to two questions a week, but what the hell ;) Are we going to get to see the big chunk of missing Leo storyline from The Gamers: Hands of Fate sometime soon? No, I'm not talking about the card flopper background.
+ Dangerous Games: How to Play by Matt Forbeck (web)

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