Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 95: It's Raining Bards

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, Avengers, Controversial topics, Questions, Thank Yous
Keep on the Barderlands

01:00 Weeks in Review
+ Z Nation (IMDB)
+ Avengers: Age of Ultron (IMDB)
+ The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (IMDB)
+ Gargoyles (IMDB)
+ Kirby Krackle "One of the Guys" (aka It's Clobbering Time) (YouTube)
+ Stardust (IMDB)
+ Fantastic Four (IMDB)
+ Stung (IMDB)
+ Drag Becomes Him (web)

48:50. Tom Brophy. In case you haven't seen this yet.…/watch-jon-stewart-and-…/

49:23. Rob MacLennan. From the online discussion this week: Who is your favourite female superhero or supervillain?

56:21. Thomas Brophy. Would you consider making a film from a story you told on a podcast story like Kevin Smith did with Tusk?
+ Tusk (IMDB)
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