Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 94: Ja, Smelly Hitler

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Guest intro of Tyler J. Hill, United Nations, Original Series vs. Web Series, Constructive Criticism of Seattle Film Community Part 1

Guest: Tyler J. Hill (IMDB)
+ Glitch (IMDB | YouTube)
+ The web series is dying... (theguardian) 

09:32: Listener Warning.
+ Lunch (Vimeo)
+ &@ by Elgood Times (Youtube)
+ George A. Romero (IMDB)
+ Jaws (IMDB)
+ Cloverfield (IMDB)
+ Top 5 - Star Wars Episode 7 - Teaser #2 Reactions! (YouTube)
+Matthew Mcconaughey's reaction to Star Wars teaser #2 - Celebrity reactions (YouTube)

23:18. Hierarchy of Needs for Good Independent Film
#1 Writing.
+ Ira Glass on Storytelling, part 3 of 4 (YouTube)

#1.5 The best idea wins.
+ Brian Lewis (IMDB)

#2 Acting. 

1:16:04. Tangent: On Building Strong Original Content in Seattle
+ Too Many Cooks (YouTube)
+ Henchmen (Vimeo) 

to be continued... 

 1:40:15. Rob MacLennan. What is your favourite "big dumb fun" movie?
+ John Wick (IMDB)
+ Big Trouble in Little China (IMDB)
+ The Expendables (IMDB)
+ The Road (IMDB) 

1:42:21. Rob MacLennan. The Space Western has been a staple since Gene Roddenberry gave us his "Wagon Train to the stars." What sort of genre mash-up do you think that you'd like to try storytelling within?
+ Men of Blood (Amazon) 

1:45:46. Amanda Cook. When you write, what genre do you lean toward the most: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc?

1:51:10. Thomas Brophy. If they decide to make a film of Kingdom Come and you were casting director. Who would you cast?
+ Kingdom Come (wikipedia)

1:56:41. Rival Guy. If it were up to you who would direct each of the new Star Wars films?
+ Rian Johnson (IMDB)
+ David Fincher (IMDB)
+ Brad Bird (IMDB)
+ The Ghost of Irvin Kershner (IMDB)
+ Frank Darabont (IMDB)
+ The Mist (IMDB)
+ The Babadook (IMDB)

Neil deGrasse Tyson, if you're listening....
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | StarTalk Radio
+ Cosmos [IMDB] -- on Netflix! 

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