Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 69: Hookers 'n' Blow

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Two Big Weeks in Review, No Live Questions, Twitter/Facebook Questions
+ Noises Off (IMDB)

02:38. Andy's Week.
+ Hyrule Warriors (
+ Demon Hunters (web)
+ Supernatural (IMDB)
+ Gotham (IMDB)

19:30 Scott's Week.
+ Sons of Anarchy (IMDB)
+ Taproot Theatre Company (web)
+ Camp Abercorn (indigogo)
+ The School for Lies (Sound Theatre Company)
+ Gamers 3 (Kickstarter)
+ Christian Doyle is in Rocky Horror Picture Show (Renton Civic Theatre)
+ The Darker Path (Compulsion Films)
+ Cowboys @ Seattle (Week 6; Oct 12)
+ Potato Salad (Kickstarter)
+ Z-Nation (IMDB)

35:50. Q. Thomas Brophy. Who would win a Bard fight: Shakespeare or Moliere? What would be their weapons of choice?
+ Ex-Men (Pete Holmes on YouTube)
+ Street Fighter Red Tape (Pete Homes on YouTube)

37:32. Q. Dennis Nichol. What's your favorite subreddit? 

38:06. Q. Dennis Nichol. All You Listeners: Would you be up for suggesting subreddits Scott should visit, to begin a bold new adventure into the innerwebnethingy? You know, that thing with the tubes?

43:37. Q. Justin Everett. What is your preferred computer backup/recovery tool or application?
+ Hiren's BootCD (wikipedia) 
+ Ghost (symantec)

53:23. Q. Paula Moran. Do either of you enjoy camping and have any interesting stories?

Neil deGrasse Tyson, if you're listening....
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | StarTalk Radio
+ Cosmos (IMDB) -- on Netflix!