Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 65: Chilly Con Carny

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Con-troversy, GenCon, SpoCon, Middletown, Weeks in Review, Questions and Answers

+ Gen Con (web)
+ Richard Attenborough (IMDB)
+ Lauren Bacall (IMDB)
+ Ferguson, MO (wikipedia)

09:26 ALS Bucket Challenge

15:45 Scott is performing in Middletown
+ Middletown (Harlequin Productions)
Aug 21 - Sep 13, 2014
+ SpoCon (web) Aug 15-17, 2014

21:20 GenCon revisited
+ ZOECon2014 (web)
+ Dark Dungeons (web)
+ Humans and Households (IMDB)
+ The Gamers: Natural One (IMDB)
+ Lynnvander (web)
+ H+H Artwork (FB image)

34:05 Strowlers

35:45 Pike + Josey's Podcast
+ The Casting Pod (Facebook)

36:28 SpoCon
+ WorldCon 2015 (Sasquan)

40:48. Tiffani Pike. If you were a useless superhero, what would your name and power be?

41:47. Tiffani Pike. What would your pro wrestling names be?

43:58. Thomas Brophy. How did Robin Williams' work effect you personally and professionally?
+ Robin Williams (IMDB)
+ Andy's post on Robin Williams (Facebook)

47:42. Dennis Nichol. You are staging a food fight with 50 people, what kind of food would you make available?

50:43. Paula Moran. Do you think video game RPGs are a decent substitute when you can't play tabletop? Which are your most and least favorites?

52:47. Dennis Nichol. Are you pissed?

52:53. Paula Moran. Andy, what did you enjoy most at GenCon and did you get any sleep?
+ The Gamers: Hands of Fate Winner Best Feature Film GenCon Film Festival 2014 (FB image)

56:35. Shout out to Alex Poorman and Steve Malec
+ Ned Stark cosplay (FB image).

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | StarTalk Radio
+ Cosmos (IMDB) -- on Netflix!