Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 62: Ya Did, Ya Do

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Catching up on two weeks worth of back-log, questions, answers, tentative no-go for next week.

Humans and Households: IMDB | Kickstarter (funded April 29, 2013)
Depth: IMDB
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Soma (wikipedia)
Satsop Abandoned Nuclear Plant (ridesideamerica):
Satsop Business Park (website)

07:49 - Andy loans some equipment and then tangents

Brady Hall (IMDB)
Scrapper (IMDB)
Ephrata Band: web | Facebook | Twitter (@ephrataband)

Ben Rapson (IMDB)

Scott C. Brown will be at SpoCon2014 (Aug 15-17, 2014)
Scott's SpoCon Bio

Erin Weathers
Fair Weathers Clothing: Web | Facebook
Her Universe Fashion Showcase (popsugar)

19:14. Scott is looking kinda svelte.
Velocity Diet (T Nation)

24:50. Dennis Nichol. Assuming an 8 for the "average person" what are you guys' RPG Stats?

27:10. Paula Moran. When gaming what are some of the most epic derailments you've ever had?

34:53. Paula Moran. What genre do you prefer to perform in?

Pumpkin (IMDB)
Comedy Bang! Bang! (IMDB)
Nick Frost (IMDB)

As always...
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