Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 59: LARP is The Lonliest Number

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Special guest, NW Nerdcast folks Ron and Will, questions and answers. Tech difficulties aside, the longest podcast yet!!

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Will Carson and Ron Leota

NW Nerdcast: Web | Facebook

Two Bards on NW Nerdcast
Episode 85: Invasion of the Bards (12 May 2014)

Attention Span Garb (web)

Andy is going to GenCon
The Gamers: Hot Summer Knights… Live (GenCon)

RadCon (web)

22:05. Laura Adams. What kind of stuff does NW Nerdcast talk about on their show?

Paypal button on the site (???)

27:45. On Nerd rants

32:27. On getting a raccoon high

35:55. On LARPing

Gotham (IMDB)
Keanu Reeves (IMDB)
Man of Tai Chai (IMDB)
A Scanner Darkly (IMDB)
True Detective (IMDB)
Out of the Furnace (IMDB)
Pawn Shop Chronicles (IMDB)

49:57 NWN's Burning question:
Any hope for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (IMDB)?

Man of Steel (IMDB)

1:00:38. What are your favorite parody songs?
Weird Al -- White and Nerdy (YouTube)
Weird Al -- Amish Paradise (YouTube)
Luke Sky -- When You Wish Upon A Death Star (YouTube)
Bob Rivers (wiki)
Axis of Awesome -- 4 Chords (YouTube)
Axis of Awesome -- How to Bake a Scone (YouTube)
Axis of Awesome -- How to Catch a Duck (YouTube)
Axis of Awesome -- How to Kill a Hooker (YouTube)
Corky and the Juice Pigs - Trucker (Web)
Bloodhound Gang -- A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying (YouTube)

FTL Faster Than Light game (web)

1:11:20. 7 Realms. Are you playing many indy games of late, which ones?
Fiasco (web)
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (boardgamegeek)
Outlast (wiki)

1:12:33. B to the Lewis. Is there an afterlife?

1:16:18. Dennis Nichol. In light of recent events -- I'm curious if the Two Bards think that, in good 'ol 'Murica...... is it more sexist or racist at this point in time? To what degree do you think this might be different in CND from your experiences there?

Jonah Hill addresses his controversial remarks (YouTube).

1:22:38. Dennis Nichol. What's for dinner?

1:24:10. Paula Moran. What are some of your favorite classic cartoons and would you like them brought back as reruns, continuations or complete revamps?

More links to follow...

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