Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 55: Juice Box

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Weeks in review, Projects, More Questions, Movies, The way it is.

Episode Links

+ 8th Annual Rainier Independent Film Festival (web)
+ A Bit of Bad Luck (FB)
+ A Bit of Bad Luck (IMDB)

03:36. This week:
+ Humans and Households (kickstarter)
+ Dark Dungeons (web)
+ Z-Nation Casting Call (web)
+ Worst Laid Plans (FB)
+ Tony Becerra: twitter | is Watching (FB)
+ D&ta Recovery IndieGoGo campaign (IndieGoGo)
+ And At (aka ElGoodTimes) (YouTube)
+ Laura Adams' shared poem (FB)

27:20. Dennis Nichol. Most memorable home improvement story?

38:18. Conner Marx. Both of you have made transitions from high paying jobs to periods of unemployment. As artists trying to make work during both of these periods, what are the big differences? How is the process of making work altered by the various factors of money, time, etc.? AND - having done both, what advice can you give creators about managing their own money - both as used for the creation of art as well as for basic happy living?

47:20. Kentucky Blue Clay themed Lucas Arts styled video game is in the works.
+ Kentucky Blue Clay (FB)
+ LucasArts (wiki)

50:05. Dennis Nichol. What is each of your guys' favorite martial arts film? Why is that?
+ Equilibrium (IMDB)
+ Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (IMDB)
+ Hero (IMDB)
+ The Raid (IMDB)
+ Ong-bak (IMDB)
+ Karate Kid (IMDB)
+ Grudge Match (IMDB)
+ Unleashed (IMDB)

57:51. Paula Moran. Besides acting and tech, what would be your dream job(s)?

1:01:55. Laura Adams. Do you have a movie that is absolutely horrible but you still love it?
+ Howard the Duck (IMDB)
+ Ultraviolet (IMDB)
+ Green Lantern (IMDB)
+ Clash of the Titans (IMDB)

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson web | Facebook | Startalk Radio