Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 51: The Hamm Fisted Hamageddon Hamover

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description:Week in review, Easter, Careless Whispers, Otamatone, Questions, Answers

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Scott's week:
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Andy's week:
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+ The Twentiest creepiest things you can whisper when you give them a hug (web)
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Questions! Sorry Lotta. Sorry Laura.
Dennis Nichol. When was that last time you punched someone in THE FACE and..... why did you do that? That's not very nice.
+ A Bit of Bad Luck, trailer (YouTube)

Dennis Nichol. Do you think you would be able to finish this week's podcast using either A) "The Cromagnon voice you use for making fun of ignorant people that complain" or B) the "eeeeesss uhhh..... eeeessss low-jin" accent?

Dennis Nichol. Scottsy (Brown): Same question for you, but with A) that Howie Mandell "bobby" voice you can do or B) any other eccentric accent you are most proficient with?

Paula Moran. Do you enjoy stage combat and what type of training and experiences do you have with it?
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