Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 50: Two Bards get a Woody

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Week in review, Thunderfrog interview, viewer questions, a song and a dance.

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Q. Michael Perdue. Have you read any good scripts lately?

+ Dell 4k monitor (amazon)
+ Mad Max Trilogy (amazon)

Left to Right: Woody Arnold, Scott C. Brown, Alex Poorman
14:39. Interview w/Woody Arnold and Alex Poorman
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54:30 Paula Moran. Since I'm going to be visually out of it due to eye muscle surgery for next weeks vodcast, could you come up with a few fun on set/con stories from various project to share with all the Bardkateers while I'm recovering?

1:08:11. Dennis Nichol. In Dorkness Rising, Scottsy Brown's eyes are all teared up when Flynn the Fine obtains the ranks of the Cantor Prestige Class from Therin. How are actors generally able to "turn on the water works" like that or how do you invoke emotions to enable "crying on-the-spot" to deliver performances on que? Can you describe the process, preparation, things you think about, etc. etc.?

1:14:57. Tony Harper. Do you guys sing?

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