Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 49: What's wrong McFly? Chicken?

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Weeks in review, though took us a while to come up with stuff, questions from the live stream, wuestions from Twitter and Facebook, ramblings and musings.

Episode Links:
+ Nifty Fifty Lenses (web)
+ ECCC (web)
+ Captain America: The Winter Soldier (IMDB)
+ Stanley Tucchi (IMDB)
+ Anchorman 2 (IMDB)
+ FAQs about City Chickens (web)
+ Amazon Fire TV (web)
+ Andy's Review of the Amazon Fire TV (FB)
+ Scottish people using Siri (YouTube) | Scottish guy vs Siri (YouTube)
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+ Seattle Vice (Tickets through April 20)
+ Mickey Rooney dies (web)

Thomas Brophy. Do you remember where you were when you learned of #KurtCobain20years suicide? What was the impact?
+ The Punk Singer (IMDB)
+ Preacher (wiki)

Seth Davis. What was the final result of the Bardcast Times Survey?
Bardcast Time Survey (web)

Dennis Nichol. What do you guys have to say for yourselves?
+ Happy Birthday Curtis Chandler II (FB)
+ Clinically Inane (web)

Paula Moran. Which do you prefer, theatre or film; tech or performing and the combinations thereof?
+ Scrapper, trailer (web)
+ 30 Rock (IMDB)
+ A Bit of Bad Luck World Premiere, Apr 17, Boston (FB)
+ A Bit of Bad Luck, trailer (YouTube)

And as always...
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | Startalk Radio