Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 30: The Big THREE OH!

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Description: A bit of catching up, Brian Lewis Joins Us, Questions, Answers, Discussion

Ep.30 Links:
+ thirtysomething (IMDB):

01:05 - Andy’s Week
+ Thor: The Dark World (IMDB):
+ iPic Theater – Redmond (web):

05:14 – Studio Guest Brian Lewis!
+ Brian Lewis (FB):
+ Brian Lewis (IMDB):
+ The Happening (IMDB):
+ After Earth (IMDB):
+ Ender’s Game (IMDB):
+ Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (IMDB):
+ Espionage Cosmetics (web):
+ Nowhereman Photos (FB):
+ Sixth Avenue Photo Studios (web):

24:38 – Brian, Scott and Andy trash talk
+ Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips (IMDB):
+ Clinically Inane (FB):
+ Episode 48 – Andy Dopieralski:
+ Uncle Remus (wiki):
+ Song of the South (wiki):
+ Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (IMDB):
+ Monsanto (wiki):

35:30 – MST3K
+ Mystery Science Theater 3000 (IMDB):
+ History of MST3K (wiki):

[Scott: I’m finding a lot of references to people doing things in the mode of MST (meaning MST3K), but didn’t find anything that was just MST that pre-dates MST3K (Andy wins) – LMG]

+ Bryan Cranston (IMDB):
+ X-Files Episode – Drive (IMDB):
+ Bryan Cranston’s Advice to Aspiring Actors (YouTube):

42:33 – Praise for Link Master General; Brian hits on Kathleen Digby

45:10. Are you a Street Fighter kid or a Mortal Kombat kid?
+ Arkanoid (OMG! PLAY FOR FREE!):

47:25 Schubert’s Corner
Do you have any funny stories from on set?
+ Boss Nass (YouTube):
+ Vlasic Pickle Stork (YouTube):
+ Turducken (wiki):
+ Not linking to Human Centipede

51:15 Brian apologizes

51:44. Moritz Schubert: Do the majority of the Dead Gentlemen like waffles or have the DG fans been living a lie?
+ Geek Improvement Podcast (FB):
+ Episode 28 – Matt Vancil:
+ Fry Bread recipe (web):

59:13. Paula Moran. Question for Andy- If you have a chance to appear in JourneyQuest Season 3, what character race would you portray, including human?

01:01:12. Paula Moran. Question for Scott- In Hands of Fate is the queen Myriad's mother and if not do you know who is?

+ Thunder Frog Studios (FB):
[The stainglass warrior was from Young Sherlock Holmes, not Amazing Stories]
+ Young Sherlock Holmes (YouTube):

01:04:03. Chris Piazzo. Since Scott gave me a hard time about it, where do you guys stand on people that are super critical of grammer and spelling on the internet? Does the medium make a difference (i.e. Twitter, Facebook etc.)?

+ Homonym vs. Homophone (web):
+ Mnemonic (wiki):
+ “See Hopkin's Cafe, it's mighty good with salt”:

01:11:25. Hi Sarah Moore!
+ Sarah Moore (FB):
+ Standard Action (FB):

+ The Lonely Dragon Talk Show (YouTube):
+ Starlit Citadel (YouTube):

01:13:03 – Shoutouts
+ Indigogo for Tacoma Youth Theatre:
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+ Thomas Brophy (IMDB):
+ The Purification Process (web):
+ Tickets (Nov 14-16):
+ Bryan Bender (IMDB):
+ Clara at the Eclectic Theater (Nov 7-24):
+ Tickets (Nov 14-24):

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
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