Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 29: And Speaking Of ...

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Description: Week in review, Winning, Questions and Answers, Bob Page

Ep.29 Links:
+ George Burns (IMDB):

01:24 News this week (Andy)
Happy Birthday Andy (Nov 1)
+ TAO of the Dead Fundraiser (web):
+ Erin Weathers’ team wins the AT&T | SIC Mobile App Hackathon (Wearables):
+ Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse:
+ ZOE receives "In Good Company" honor from Seattle Mayor, Mike McGinn (web):
+ Glitch (web): Season 1 DVDs coming soon!

07:54 News this week (Scott)
+ Shot a scene for John Gregory (FB):
+ Irregulators (vine):
+ Blackmagic Resolve (web):
+ And At (FB):
+ Jesse Lee Keeter (IMDB):
+ Docu-drama for TLC, Escaping the Prophet:
+ Brian Lewis (IMDB):

13:39 Chris Piazzo. In Hands of Fate Natalie give Cass a number of nick names referring to his chiseled good looks. Do either of you have any to add or were there any used on set not used in the movie?

16:17 Tiffani Pike Schmidt. What theme will Erin and Andy's housewarming party be in?

17:40 Tiffani Pike Schmidt. If you were to drop money on the ground,how much would be enough to motivate you to bend down and pick it up?

+ Norwegian Death Pants (web):

19:05 Trampas Johnson. Will one of you be my teammate if they bring back Supermarket Sweep? How about if they bring back Starcade?

+ Supermarket Sweep (IMDB):
+ Starcade (IMDB):
+ Steve Wiebe (Wikipedia):
+ King of Kong (IMDB):

+Big Red skateboard (image):

22:06 Paula Moran. What did you both do, if anything, for Halloween?

+ The Wolverine (IMDB):
+ X-Men Origins: Wolverine (IMDB):
+ Liev Schreiber (IMDB):
+ The World’s End (IMDB):
+ Martin Freeman (IMDB):
+ We’re the Millers (IMDB):
+ Jason Sudeikis (IMDB):
+ We’re the Millers Trailer (YouTube):
+ Archer (IMDB):
+ The Specials (IMDB):

33:54 Chris Piazzo. If you were going to be a character on season 2 for Transolar Galactica what would you want to be? Is there a stereotype in the genre they haven't touched on yet?

+ Transolar Galactica (web):

35:40 Brian Lewis. You both have a lot of life knowledge that you acquired by experience, advice, hard knocks, etc. If you had a young apprentice that didn't know much about anything or what it takes to be a man, what's some advice that you would give him/her? What do you wish someone would have told you if you were young and naive?

MythBusters (Wikipedia):

Slim Pickens (IMDB):

56:57 Scott reflects on Bob Page
Robert (Bob) Page (Obituary):

Patrick Page (IMDB):

01:04:43. Seahawks vs. Buccaneers
+ Game Highlights (web):

+ Nick Kent (IMDB):
+ KIRO 97.3 FM (web):
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (web):