Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 21: Live from SpoCon almost

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Description: Live from SpoCon 2013, Twitter/FB Questions, Live audience questions, a call from Brian Lewis

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+Dan Savage (Savage Lovecast):

03:15. Justin Everett – Question for Scott (and Andy if applicable). What is your opinion on using a CMS like Joomla or Drupal for a website?
+Ruby (Nesta):
+Drupal -
+Joomla -
+Wordpress -

05:17. Douggie Sharpe. What is your favorite homemade sandwich, and favorite bought sandwich.
+Bruchi’s (Spokane) -
+Fluffernutter -
+Nutella –
+MSM Deli (Tacoma) -
+Tub Subs (Seattle) -
+Meconi’s Subs (Olympia) –

11:39. Thomas Brophy. What have been the best cosplays you’ve seen and one highlight from SpoCon?

+Brandon Sanderson:

15:16 Chris Piazzo. If you could switch up who played which characters in Dorkness Rising, how would you change them? What unique twist would each bring to the character?

17:22 Chris Piazzo. Of all the jobs on the set (which you've probably done a lot of them) which one would you like to learn more about or get better at?

18:04 Justin Everett. If you could have 1 prop from any movie, what would it be?

BTW – Leeloo’s full name is
Leeloo Minai Lekatariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat

20:35. If you could have three superpowers or extra ordinary abilities, what would they be?

22:04. If you had to have one 4”x4” square on your body be itchy all the time where would it be?

22:35 – Brian Lewis calls in.
+Brian Lewis -

24:11 If you were to invent one law to be enacted across the country (or world) what would it be?

25:05 In your life story who would you pick to play yourself? Who would Quentin Tarantino chose to play them.
+Quentin Tarantino:
+Jorge Garcia (Hurley):
+Meat Loaf:
+Paul Giamatti:
+Uma Thurman:
+Samuel L. Jackson:
+Jack Black:
+Kyle Gass:
+Seth Rogan:

27:12 What is a movie that we can watch that makes you nostalgic.
+The Incredibles:
+Star Wars IV:
+Dead Poets Society:
+River Runs Through It:

29:05 Why is it called Two Bards?
+Farce and Violence:

+Ranting Gryphon:

32:40. Any advice on how to keep talking like that?

33:58. How would you rate the podcast for commuting and driving?

+Curtis Chandler II:
+Clinically Inane:

36:31 Aside from scotch, what is your favorite con drink so far?

+Mark Osier:

39:35. Do you have a go-to curse word?
+George Carlin -

42:30. Favorite funny filming moment?

48:11. What would be your most funny/absurd gaming moment?
+Palladium -
+Eberron -

51:30: Ever have a night at a con where a drinking bracelet leads to a hospital bracelet?

52:16: If you could be any non-Jedi Star Wars character which would it be?

53:32. Would you rather play several new characters or one continuous character?

+Alan Boyle:
+Neil deGrasse Tyson:

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