Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 19: Able to get drunk in Canada

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Description: Playing Catch-up; Bardic Immunity; Questions, Questions, Questions.

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1:45 Mentionables+ Espionage Cosmetics (fb):
+ Espionage Cosmetics (web):

+ Russian Vodka Boycott

15:45 Bardic Knowledge (A game by Tiffani Pike Schmidt)+ Buck Angel:
+ Ivars:
+ Neil Diamond’s “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother”:

Listener Questions
49:42 Thomas Brophy. Hey guys, what do you have planned at the Cons and Pax in August. Any chance for a live podcast at one?

+ SpoCon 2013 (Aug 9-11):
+ GenCon (Aug 15-18):
+ PAX (Aug 30-Sep 2):
+ Glitch (Facebook):
+ Glitch (YouTube):

52:41 Douggie. So what brand of kilts do you prefer? I'm guessing you aren't just laying out 9 yards for a great kilt?
+ Pride of Scotland:

56:14 Chris Piazzo. you have obviously gone to a lot of cons. Have you ever gone in cosplay?

1:02:35 Mike Ott. How is glass cannons shaping up? What kind of projects do you each hope to work on with two bards? Will you work for booze and pizza?

+ Rocky Rococo Pizza:
+ Zeeks Pizza:

1:08:04 Chris Piazzo. When do we get another Rude Mechanical?

+ Creative Live:
+ Adobe Premiere Class (July 29-31):

1:10:27 Mike Ott. which pokemon are you?

1:12:56 Trampas Johnson. Do you think math is a truth or a language?

1:13:23 Mike Ott. What are your plans for GenCon?

+ In The Year 2525 (YouTube):
+ Gentlemen Broncos (2009):
+ 2112 (YouTube):
+ Four Fat Trannies is from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994):

1:16:37 Kathleen Digby. When have either of you been completely surprised, overwhelmed or in disbelieve by a gift or something done on our behalf and what was it or how was it done?

1:26:33 Preview of ep.20
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+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
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