Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 17: Randall Marsh Ladies and Gentlemen

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Description: Randall, Kirby Krackle, Geek Characters, Kaiju monsters, Good BAD movies.

Ep.17 Links:
With guest, Randall Marsh
+Randall Marsh’s Nyan Cat – Genre Hopping

+“Get a little closer”

+Justin Timberlake bringing MySpace back:

Cracked Film Competition
+ Second (winning) Entry:
+ First Entry:

Ice Cream Truck Interruption
+Japanese Fish Shaped Waffles:
+Turkey in the Straw:
+Farmer in the Dell:
+Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow in the Dark):
+”Clock Cleaners” (1937). Excerpt (music only):
About "Clock Cleaners":

Kickstarter discussion
+ Charlie Kaufman’s Kickstarter, Anomalisa:
+Zach Braff’s Kickstarter, Wish I was Here:
+Veronica Mars:

18:04 Brian Lewis. What character in geekdom would you want to be for a day and what time period?
+ Bill Murray, Groundhog Day (1993):
+ Sean Bean in every movie right before he dies (GRAPHIC!):
+ Lana Kane:
+ Spider-Man (2002):

20:26 Thomas Brophy. What classic Kaiju monster would you want to be, except for Godzilla and why?
+Voltron (not a monster!):
+Mecha Streisand (full episode):

22:45 Trampas. What is the best bad movie?
+Troll 2 (1990):
+The Room (2006):
+Sharknado (2013):
+Puppet Master 4 (1993):
+BloodRayne (2005):
+Postal (2007):
+Zack Ward:
+Black Christmas (1974):
+The Wrong Guy (1997):
+Brain Candy (1996):
+Hard Candy (2005):
+Watchmen (2009):
+Donny Darko (2001):

+ Allison Crowe:
+ Jeff Buckley:
+ Leonard Cohen:

Mad World
+ Tears for Fears:
+ Gary Jules:

More Bad Movies
+Zardoz (1974):
+Xanadu (1980):
+Flash Gordon (1980):
+Brian Blessed:
+Timothy Dalton:
+Barry Humphries (Dame Edna; Bruce):
+KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978):

+Bounty Hunter S. Thompson:
+The Good, The Bad, and The Bounty Print:

+Kirby Krackle:
+The Doubleclicks:

+Premera LifeWise:

+Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+Startalk Radio: