Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 10: Guelph and Back Again

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Description: Canada, Berserkon, Two Rooms, people, places, things, planes, trains and automobiles (and shuttle busses. Lots of shuttle busses. Too many shuttle busses.)

Ep.10 Links:
02:20 Shoutouts
+ Lynnvander Studios (Thomas Gofton)

+ Merc Media (Nick Montgomery)

+ Lots and lots of linkless people thanked!

+ Sleeman Brewery Tour

+ Canadian Tire Money

+ Red Brick Café (Britney)

+ Anchor Bar, Buffalo, NY

+ Edward James Olmos sighting at Chicago Midway

17:00 Berserkon!

+ Cam Banks

+ More linkless people thanked!

+ Bill Cavalier

+ Joanna Gaskell

+ Gordon Lightfoot is a fucking liar

+ Lake Superior Facts

+ Limited Release: Drunk American Edition (dropping soon)

38:05 Rant the first: TSA Boarder (Rick with a silent P)

44:30 Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

46:30 Rant the Second: SherTrekWars

50:20 Knock at the door (15-second interview with Erin Weathers)

52:40 Test screenings of Gamers3 and more Berserkon

58:30 Rant the Third: WhiteCastle Sliders & ‘Sconin cuisine

1:05:34 Two Rooms (The Confrontational Theater Project)
Two Rooms Trailer:
Two Rooms Tickets (May 30 – June 3) :

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio: