Managing Kickstarter Perks During the Campaign

We’ve seen it before, a Kickstarter project gets wildly successful so starts having and hitting stretch goals. These are great for backers, but before too long they are wanting customized options (add-ons) and, of course, who wants to tell them no as they yell “shut up and take my money!”

However, after a while of adding both new stretch goals and add-ons, it become very difficult for backers to follow along. The best solution I’ve seen lately was set up for Deadlands Noir. They created a perks summary table that made it fairly easy to track. It didn't hurt that they kept their campaign pretty simple.

Other campaigns can be much more complex. Take, for example, Monte Cook’s exciting new project Numenera. It has 33 different pledge levels, plenty of goodies that came via reach goals and several items that can be purchased as add-ons.

I’ve tried to turn this into a simple PDF table to make it more clear. Unfortunately, blogspot will only let me post it as an image, so here's a .jpg version (click the image, then right click and select 'view image' then click on the magnifying glass to see the full thing). There is a lot of information here -- does this look easier to comprehend than plain text?