Fries and Shine

Ho'made Fries and Shine
There use to be a local pub (The Bleeding Deacon) with one of my wife's most favorite bits of breakfasty goodness in St. Louis: Fries and Shine. French fries, special vegetarian gravy, topped with an over-easy egg. Tasty.

This morning Kathy asked me to create something similar using a mushroom gravy (we had some mushrooms from Costco that were on their way out) and tater tots.

Searching google, I decided to try this Easy Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy Recipe. Swansons' 100% vegetable broth made up the base. For the soy sauce, I used Bragg liquid aminos and for the poultry seasoning I used Fox Point from Penzey's Spices. I topped it off with a Morningstar Farms soysage pattie (wow -- this is turning into one big advertisement). The whole thing turned out really well. You should come over some time and try it ;)