At least I'm not Brent Spiner

I've been slowly catching up on episodes of the Nerdist Podcast. While walking Leeloo this morning (and then grinding away on a work related project due this weekend), I listened to two from earlier this year that synced together very nicely: Brent Spiner (ep. 212, released 5/30/12), and LeVar Burton (ep. 228, released 7/9/12). In both they promote Brent Spiner's webseries Fresh Hell which finished its second season this past July. It's a self-deprecating comedy where Brent plays himself after an 'incident' has destroyed his career.

Here's the episode of Fresh Hell referenced in LeVar's interview.

"That guy's got the foulest balls in show business."

If you like it and want to start from the beginning, here is Season 1, Episode 1.

Happy Labor Day Weekend -- now back to work,