Hide and Pee

[I originally wrote this back in March 2011, just after my daughter turned three. I'm posting it here mostly for me to capture the snapshot -- Seth]

I’m sick of changing diapers. It’s been over three years (yes, this is minor compared to some people who have been changing multiple kids for over a decade, but I digress) and for the last 14 months or so it felt like the end was near, but alas – like showing up 11 days late – she has decided that she should not be hasty.

She knows though, that I get very happy when she uses her potty, perhaps a little too happy. This past father/daughter weekend found us upstairs playing hide and seek. I decided to make things difficult by flushing the toilet and then quietly slipping across the bedroom into the walk-in closet and behind a row of hanging clothes.

It worked – she was very fooled. First checking the bathroom before checking her bedroom then our bedroom, then her change room. All the while calling out “Daddy! I know you are up here!”.

After several seconds she changed tactics “Daddy! Are you down stairs?” Pause “Daddy, Where are you?” Pause “Daddy?” Longer pause --

 “Daddy! I put a pee-pee in my potty! You can come out now and you will be soo happy!”